IBF 2014Island Bay Festival – 30 years of community fun

In 2014 the Island Bay Festival celebrates 30 years of showcasing the talent and diversity of the South Coast. This annual 9-day summer festival runs from 15 – 23 February and features over 30 fabulous events, hosted by a broad cross section of the Island Bay community.

This year it’s the festival’s 30th anniversary, making it one of the longest running festivals in Wellington – all held in the beautiful location of Island Bay.

Once again, Island Bay will explodes with colour, food, craft and lively performances. With over 18,000 people attending our main event, this year’s Day in the Bay lineup Day in the Bay 2is shaping as the best!

Laze about for the whole day while we entertain the kids with the carnival, markets, bands & entertainers, competitions, Carnevale Italia and the Blessing of the Boats.

inktvisIsland Bay Enhancement Trust

The festival is governed by the Island Bay Enhancement Trust. We are a group of local residents who volunteer to assist the development of our community. The Trust takes great pride in coordinating the Island Bay Festival, an annual event celebrating the talent and diversity of the local neighborhood and Wellington in general.

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